Cranleigh Lions

Road Closures and Car Parking for
Saturday 2nd November 2019 in Cranleigh

So that everyone can enjoy the procession, bonfire and fireworks in safety, some roads in Cranleigh will be closed to traffic from 17:55 to 22:00 on Saturday 2nd November 2019.

The roads closed are:
  • High Street/Guildford Road between the mini roundabout by Stocklund Square and the roundabout with Elmbridge Road
  • Guildford Road between Notcutts Garden Centre and the roundabout with Elmbridge Road
  • Elmbridge Road between the junction with Hewitts Industrial Estate and the roundabout with Elmbridge Road
  • Horseshoe Lane between the junction with Amlets Lane and the High Street/Guildford Road (both sides of the cricket pitch)
Limited access to the Guildford Road between the junction with Smithwood Common Road and Notcutts Garden Centre will be available whilst car parking spaces are available to Notcutts and to residents living in this part of the Guildford Road

No access to the closed roads will be permitted between 17:55 and 22:00.

In addition the procession will cause temporary hold-ups for traffic from approximately 18:00 to 18:45 between Park Mead and Stocklund Square

The map below shows the closed roads and the route around Cranleigh.

Car Parking

Public car parks are available in Cranleigh at Village Way and Stocklund Square (please see note below about parking behind the Stocklund Square shops).

We have arranged for additional parking at Notcutts Garden Centre. There is no charge for parking at these locations, however we would appreciate a donation! Once the car park at Notcutts is full, access along Guildford Road from the junction with Smithwood Common Road will be restricted to residents with a 2019 pass.

  Please note that parking is NOT available at Hewitts Industrial Estate.

Please do not park in Manfield Park Industrial Estate as this is private property and vehicles may be removed.

Parking is available behind the Stocklund Square shops and please check to see if charges apply as the car park is on private land.

Parking in the council run car park adjacent to Stocklund Square, accessed from the High Street just before the road block, is free after 19:00.

The map below shows the location of car parks and on-street parking available.

Roads closed in Cranleigh on Saturday 2nd November 2019