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An eager crowd at the 2008 Cranleigh Bonfire
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Road Closures & Car Parking
Road closures and car parking for Saturday 2nd November 2019

So that everyone can enjoy the procession, bonfire and fireworks in safety, some roads in Cranleigh will be closed to traffic on Saturday 2nd November 2019.

Full details about the road closures and car parking...

Did You Know?

The first Cranleigh Bonfire was in 1946 on the triangle between Ewhurst Road and Barhatch Road and two of the original Bonfire Boys are active Cranleigh Lions

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Cranleigh Lions Bonfire & Fireworks
Saturday 2nd November 2019

Programme of Events Saturday 2nd November 2019

All Day:
Torches & Grand Draw tickets on sale outside "The Co-Op" & on Stocklund Square all day and from 4pm at Park Mead. Grand Draw tickets are £1 each.

From 1pm:
Benson's Fun Fair - on The Common. Look out for the Fun Fair on Friday evening too.

Make-a-Guy competition in Stocklund Square, sponsored by Burns & Webber for the 23rd year! The winning Guy will be carried in the torchlight procession & placed on the top of the Bonfire. All other guys may sit around the fire. Fun Fair in full swing on the Common.

Assemble for torch-light procession, Park Drive, Park Mead.
Slinfold Concert Band plays in Stocklund Square outside Sainsbury's.
Hog Roast and other refreshments ready on The Common.

Procession starts from Park Drive, Ewhurst Road led by The Friary Guildford Marching Band. There will be traffic delays in the Ewhurst Road and Cranleigh High Street whilst the procession is on.

Crowds in Stocklund Square join in the Torchlight Procession.

6:45pm (approx):
Bonfire Prayer is read to the crowd, & winning "Guy" is placed on top of the Bonfire, on The Common, Elmbridge Road side, GU6 8LU. The winning guy at the 2008 at the Cranleigh Bonfire & Fireworks

6:50pm (approx):
Bonfire is set ablaze. Torch bearers pass their torches to the Bonfire Marshalls.

Firework display set to music by Star Fireworks (who won the British Fireworks Championship in 2013) on The Common, Guildford Road side.

Benson's Fun Fair continues on The Common.

This is a free show, however please give generously to our collectors. Please may we suggest you put a minimum of £2.00 in our buckets. All profits from the event help charitable organisations, families and individuals in Cranleigh and the surrounding area that need our support.

Alternatively, you can donate via text message, simply text CRAN44 £2 to 70070. You can donate more by swapping the 2 for the donation of your choice.

Please note road closures around Cranleigh
All roads around the Bonfire and Fireworks site are closed from 5.55pm until 10.00pm. This includes Guildford Road from Gaston Gate, Elmbridge Road from Lashmere, The High Street from the roundabout by Superdrug, and Horseshoe Lane. Parking is available behind the Stocklund Square shops and please check to see if charges apply as this is on private land. Full details about the road closures and car parking...

  Please note that parking is NOT available at Hewitts Industrial Estate.

As usual we will be delivering your free programme of events in time for the 2nd November.


We're delighted that Estate Agents Burns & Webber are sponsored the Make-a-Guy competition for the 23rd year!!

We hope lots of children will make their own guys & bring them along to outside Sainsbury's at the end closest to 140 for judging at 3pm. We hope to give every entrant a small gift as a thank you for taking part with the best 3 getting bigger prizes. The winning guy taking pride of place in the Procession & atop the bonfire.

Here are some pictures from previous competitions:

You Say

We had a lot of positive feedback about previous bonfire and fireworks.

Thank you also to those that used Twitter to thank the Lions or tell the world about their evening. Here are a selection of Tweets.

Find the Fun Fair, Bonfire & Fireworks

The fun fair & bonfire is located south of the B2130, and the fireworks north of the B2130.

Bonfire Raffle

We will be out in October delivering the Bonfire Programme and also offering the opportunity to buy some raffle tickets. At just £1 you could win:
  • £250
  • £150
  • A Cook hamper for two
  • A voucher from Rania, Flowerwise, Pizza Express, Seafare, The Natural Life Shop, Curry Inn or Manns
  • One of the prizes we are collecting from Cranleigh's generous retailers and businesses
  • Plus the usual biscuits, chocolates and wine!

We will also be selling raffle tickets in the village outside the Co-op & in Stocklund Square throughout Saturday 2nd November 2019. So please buy some more, or buy your first lot & you can see where our money went elsewhere in the programme.

The Draw will be made at the Three Horseshoes, 9pm, Tuesday 13th November 2019, why not come along and help pick the winners?

In addition to all winners being individually notified, the results are displayed on this website.

It's the 27th October. The leaves are turning and many of them now lie on the ground. A hot and dry typically 'unEnglish' summer has now ended and the early morning mists greet us with the cobwebs.. mushrooms, edible or not. Who knows which. I don't. Autumn, as always is suddenly on us. With it, the signs out to book early for Christmas lunch. And buy the presents. Most of us are so immune to this early marketing that we take no notice at all.

Halloween. Not interested. I'm not young enough to want to dress up with a broomstick and yellow teeth ... or quite old enough yet to be afraid of the trick-or-treaters who may throw paint at the door if I don't open it to them with cash in hand. Not a helpful idea that has gained popularity from 'across the pond'. Some of us, as Christians, struggling to keep our identity in this land, would prefer to be reminded of All Saints, on the same evening.

Guy, Fawkes. Bonfire Night. With one week and two days to go, we are reminded that this is imminent as the London Fire Brigade are in talks with 'our members' of the Firemans Union to prevent the threatened strike for the evening which is normally the busiest of their year.

Remember, remember the 5th November, gun powder, treason and plot.

As I drove to the dump early this morning ... and past the site for the Cranleigh Bonfire, I saw something which is worthy of writing about. It is so comical and typically British that all of the bad summers, 'our members' walkouts, poor service, leaves on the line, health and safety regulations, political correctness, telephone menus and calls routed via Delhi are cancelled out by this most English portrayal of English humour at its best....

In the large field set aside for this annual village event was, as usual, the now high and professionally stacked 'bonfire'.

...and carefully set on the top in all its splendour is a wrought iron* table and two chairs!.....

This is the thing of English country gardens. Herbaceous borders and rose gardens. Lace table cloths, Darjeeling and silver tea-strainers and teapots. I wondered to myself which bone china they will drink from, from their (country) seats at the top of the bonfire. Will it be Royal Dalton or Crown Derby. Staffordshire pottery at her best, or maybe my favourite, the Chantilly pattern of Royal Worcester?!

Tea at Fortnums, even ... come to Cranleigh.

Is there anywhere else in the world not colonised and part of 'The British Empire' that burns people at the stake? Is it only mad dogs and Englishmen who not only go out in the noonday sun, but plan to blow up the Houses of Parliament and then celebrate it for evermore?

Lets once more this November the 5th, join the parade of lighted torches down the High Street of Cranleigh Village, green wellies and anoraks, children held aloft their fathers' shoulders, as we follow 'the guy' to .....

... his last cup of tea at the top of the bonfire, as the flames take light ... and the display takes flight in the night sky over Surrey.

And who do we think the second chair is for?

Extract from a short story by Cranleigh resident Roz Graham-Smith
* Actually wicker cane

Photographs taken by Jerry Griffith, from the USA, who has written an account of his first bonfire party and produced this short video below featuring the Cranleigh bonfire and fireworks from 2008.

A video from the 2011 Cranleigh Bonfire and Fireworks