Arena Programme

Sunday 11th August 2019


Tractors & Traction Engines

  Pretty much all of the tractors at today’s show plus traction engines. This is always a popular arena event as the owners have an encyclopedic knowledge of their vehicles and do like a bit of banter with host Mark Evans, a man truly in love with all things diesel and steam


Classic Cars for Sale

  See what’s up for grabs this year and maybe bag a classic bargain – we have sold a car in under two minutes before! Jamie and Nigel will run through the sellers and hopefully introduce buyer and seller


The Capri at 50 and the Mini at 60

  A celebration of two iconic and much loved British cars, both with a massive following across the world. As past and current owner of both of these cars, Nigel will be talking to owners and getting very misty-eyed, whilst Mark will help out as only he can



  A selection of motorcycles from today’s show including Dorking & District Motorcycle Club. Jamie and Nigel will be taking a run through the eclectic mix of motorcycles that attend each year


First Classic Cars

  Fancy a classic vehicle and not sure which one? With a bit of help from the internet, Mark, Jamie, and Nigel look at some ideal classic cars for the first-timer


Cranleigh Fire Service Demonstration

  See a large bloke extracted from a small car without using the doors. The ever-popular Cranleigh Fire Service demonstration, subject to them not being called away


Cranleigh Motor Club

  If you are local to Cranleigh any fancy getting involved in cheap motorsport this is not to be missed. Cranleigh’s own motor club will be showing some of their member’s cars and the events they run and get involved with. Jamie will be chatting with the club members, assisted by Mark and Nigel recent competitors in a Naily scatter rally


Commentator’s Smorgasbord

  A pick of vehicles by Mark, Jamie, and Nigel. One thing’s for certain, these won’t be ordinary!


The Morgan Club Gymkhana

  The Minis are having a rest this year, being 60 and all, so we have five Morgans, lots of cones, a big timing clock and a loud horn. Come and cheer on the teams as they attempt tricky precision driving tests – it’s not the fastest that wins

Your commentary team this year is TV presenter Mark Evans, best known for his animal and engineering programmes, Cranleigh Lions President Jamie Currie and Cranleigh Lion Nigel West.