Buy Fast Track Tickets for the Classic Car Show

Buying Fast Track Tickets for our Classic Car Show is being managed by Eventbrite, which will make the process easier for you and us.

Please note, these instructions are only for booking a trade stall at our Classic Car Show. If you wish to exhibit your classic vehicle the instructions to register your vehicle are here and if you wish to book a stall at our Classic Car Show the instructions to do that are here.

To buy Fast Track Tickets browse to

If you have an Eventbrite account and haven’t already logged in it’s worth doing so at this point by clicking the Log in link at the top of the page.

If you would like more than one fast track ticket, click the + sign until the desired number is shown.

When ready click the Check out for £xx.00 button.

If you see an empty box in the bottom right (highlighted in red)

reload the page (for help doing this see here)

Enter your name and email address, choose your payment method and enter payment details as required.

Scroll down,

and click the Place Order button.

Once payment has been successfully processed, you will see the details popup.

Enter your mobile phone number (or landline). You don’t need to enter registration nuber.

If you are able to answer the two questions below, thank you, this helps us understand who visits our classic car show.

Click the Get tickets button.

You will receive an email with a link to your ticket. If you haven’t created an account at Eventbrite and don’t intend to, you must keep this email in order to reprint or change your ticket.

To gain entry to the show you can either print the ticket, download it to your phone or use the Eventbrite app on your phone.

If you want to check or download your ticket now click the View ticket button.

If you haven’t logged on to Eventbrite you can do so now, or create an account. Now is a good time to create an account as it means you can reprint your ticket with ease.

After logging on or creating your account, you will see this box.

Click the Download tickets button, which will download your ticket as a PDF.