Make a Car Club Block Booking for the Classic Car Show

Registration for our Classic Car Show is being managed by Eventbrite, which will make the process easier for you and us.

To block book browse to

Classic Car Show Registration - Register a Vehicle

You can purchase up to twenty tickets in one order, set the number you want to purchase and click the Check out for £xx.00 button.

Classic Car Show Registration - Registration Details

Before entering any details please scroll down and check that your club is listed. If not email with the name of your club and we will add it. Please wait for it to be added before block booking.

If you have an Eventbrite account and haven’t already logged in it’s worth doing so at this point by clicking the Log in link at the top of the page.

Please enter your personal details (name, email and telephone number) and for Vehicle Registration enter the name of your club.

If your club is a single make or single make and model, please enter those into Make and Model, otherwise repeat the name of your club.

For Year of Registration enter the approximate year your club was formed.

Select the most appropriate Vehicle Type.

Select your car club from the list. If it’s not present email with the name of your club and we will add it. Please wait for it to be added before block booking.

Enter your payment details, check the Eventbrite terms and conditions and tick if you are happy with them, then click the Place Order button.

If payment is successful you will see the following:

Classic Car Show Registration - Payment Received

Please click the Answer questions button.

Classic Car Show Registration - Questions

If you are interested in showing your club in the arena please select the Yes option and add a brief description of your club, including information that would make it interesting to other people.

Please note that we get many requests to appear in the arena and sadly we can’t have you all. If you are successful we will be in contact a few weeks before the car show.

When finished click the Submit and get tickets button.

Classic Car Show Registration - Order Confirmation

To see your ticket, click the View Tickets button.

Classic Car Show Registration - Print Tickets

To download your ticket, click the Print Tickets button, which will download a PDF of your tickets.

A single PDF file will contain all of your tickets. If you are able to print and distribute them that is the most straightforward way.

If you need to distribute tickets electronically, you can split into individual pages using a free online service such as

You will also receive an email with a link to your ticket. If you haven’t created an account at Eventbrite you must keep this email in order to reprint or change your ticket.

If you don’t have an Eventbrite account, now is a very good time to create one as it means you can reprint your ticket and make amendments with ease.

In the top right of the page click on the arrow to the right of your email address and click Account settings.

Classic Car Show Registration - Create Password

On the Account Information page click Password on the left-hand side.

Classic Car Show Registration - Change Password

Then click the Set password button.

Classic Car Show Registration - Set Password

An email will be sent to you from Eventbrite with instructions on setting your password.