Cranleigh Lions

Joining & Helping the Cranleigh & District Lions Club

Cranleigh Lions taking a five minute breather at the Easter Egg Hunt
A quick breather at the Great Easter Egg Hunt

The Cranleigh & District Lions Club is a strong, growing club, and new members are welcome and we always need help with the bigger events we run, such as the Cranleigh Carnival, Classic Car Show and Bonfire & Fireworks.

Joining the club is by invitation and we ask that you attend three business meetings as a guest (at the Cranleigh Village Sports & Social Club), and help out with two events before joining. There is a subscription of 30 due every six months.

If you would like more information, would like to come to one of our business meeting or help out at an event please get in touch.

We have a lot of help from friends and relatives that don't feel they have enough spare time to join the Cranleigh Lions. These are the Friends of Cranleigh Lions and if you would like to help us out but don't want to be a full time member you can join this invaluable group. Please get in touch for more details.