‘One Cranleigh’ Working together to support the refugees of Ukraine.

As we approach the second anniversary of the start of the Ukrainian war (24th February) it’s time to reflect on the success of the One Cranleigh project.
Conceived as a way to host refugees by those who did not have the space in their houses and to provide some comfort in the first few months of their time in Cranleigh.
Whether it was by a one-off donation or regular monthly payments the people of Cranleigh helped provide accommodation, furniture and household goods to over 26 families in the past 16 months.
One Cranleigh provided two independent properties which are now moving into self-rentals  for the families who live there. 

Many Ukrainian guest have already moved to their rented properties and this is where the One Cranleigh donations have been able to provide everything to start with more than just the basics of a home using second-hand furniture and many donations from the community  including over 20 donated TV sets!
We asked donors to give for 12 months and they have all continued well beyond that request but now it’s time to switch of the donations. The main purpose was to provide host homes, which we have done and now those families can become independent, giving them a degree of certainty in their  immediate future.

We would like to thank each and every one of you who supported our campaign. Our work will continue providing support to the Ukrainian community in whatever way is necessary, including more household goods and second-hand furniture but we will no longer be operating as a host. We have some funds left and will continue to spend these in helping Ukrainian refugees move to private rentals wherever possible for as long as the funds last. 

The needs and support of these people has not gone away, just moved into a different phase which was not the aim of the One Cranleigh project.
Now our Ukrainian friends are part of our village and fully integrated into our lives and as such any general support will be provided by the normal Cranleigh Lions process and funds. 

Thank you!

Without your help, support and continued generosity the Lions could not do the work we are so proud to perform on your behalf. 

If you wish to donate to the Cranleigh lions, either as a one-off or regular payment please click on Donate above. 

Cranleigh’s motto is:
‘Cranleigh Habet Caritatem’ which means ‘Cranleigh Cares’.
Let’s continue to live up to our moto

You can also contact the One Cranleigh Team directly
via email to ukraine@cranleighlions.org