Help the Lions to Help the Community


Section A

  1. M I the R of A E          Money is the root of all evil
  2.  In F A P I F a P              In for a penny in for a pound
  3. To G S A R F T M         To give somebody (or someone) a run for their money 
  4.  P Y M W your M I       Put your money where your mouth is
  5. To T G M A B               To throw good money after bad
  6. H M is T D in T W        How much is that doggie in the window   ( Sorry  can’t accept ….. that  dog in the window)
  7. E C E G                          Easy come easy go
  8. T C O the P A the P W T C O T        Take care of the pence (or pennies) and the pounds will  take care of themselves
  9. He W P T P C the T      He who pays the piper calls the tune
  10. M F O R                         Money for old rope

Section B

  1. A in T S B                        All in the same boat
  2. The S is O T Y                 The sun is over the yardarm
  3. S T P in T N                     Ships that pass in the night
  4. To T T W O of S S                To take the wind out of somebody’s (or someone’s) sails
  5. S and B F                         Shipshape and Bristol fashion
  6. To S T S F a H of T          To spoil the ship for a ha’porth of tar
  7. D R T B                             Don’t rock the boat
  8. T C of S J                          The cut of somebody’s (or someone’s) jib
  9. To S T M                          To splice the mainbrace
  10. To S C T the W               To sail close to the wind

Section C

  1. ON       KNEY                     John  F  Kennedy   ( Sorry   can’t accept  John Kennedy)
  2. AOEN  OAAT                    Napoleon  Bonaparte      
  3.  ESN  ADL                          Nelson Mandela
  4. LX  AMN                           Alex  Salmond
  5. IHI  GRAHV                      Mikhail Gorbachev
  6.  ISO  CUCIL                        Winston Churchill
  7. HRE  D  GUL                     Charles de Gaulle
  8. AAM  GNH                       Mahatma Gandhi
  9. IM  CRE                            Jimmy Carter
  10. OET  UAE                         Robert Mugabe

Section D

  1. Pluto               all the others (Minnie Mouse, Miss Piggy, Kermit, Mickey Mouse) can talk. Pluto can only bark  
  2. Custard          all the others can be preceded by BLOOD     blood money, blood bath, blood vessel, bloodshed
  3. Victoria          all the others ( Richmond, Hammersmith, Blackfriars, Southwark)  are Thames road bridges. Also acceptable is Southwark – All others on District line
  4. Thailand        capital Bangkok.   The capital cities of all the others  ( Monaco, Panama, Mexico, Kuwait ) have the same name as the countries names.
  5. Harris            all the others  (Grub, Dibble, Pugh, Cuthbert)  are/were members of the Trumpton Fire Brigade  
  6. 1588              adds up to 22. All the others (1066, 1354, 1840, 1912)  add up to 13
  7. Cream          you can remove letter  r   for all the others and you still have a word  – elation, tough, potion, wench.
  8. Pelargonium    all the others are incorrectly spelt. Correct spellings are  CHRYSANTHEMUM not CHRYSANTHAMUM, SARSAPARILLA not SARSPARILLA,  KINDERGARTEN not KINDERGARDEN  and  PROPHYLACTIC not PROPHILACTIC.
  9. Lion                all the others ( Ox, Horse, Tiger, Pig ) are signs of the Chinese zodiac
  10. Shot                all the others are sensible words if spelt from right to left    trap, evil,  guns, wolf .

                                                  Section E

  1. Harrogate
  2. Sunderland
  3. Ilfracombe
  4. Bournemouth
  5. Llandudno
  6. Leicester
  7. Devizes
  8. Dunfermline
  9. Perth
  10. Swansea

Section F

1    S D not M A S                  1   swallow does not make a summer

2    W D M a R                         2   wrongs don’t  make a right

3    B M    S H they R             3   blind mice – see how they run

4    H of T A                               4    horsemen of the apocalypse

5   G R                5   gold  rings

6   F on A C             6  faces on a cube

7   C of the R           7   colours of the rainbow

8 L O a S                8   legs on a spider

9 S F in A S Y         9   square feet in a square yard

10 B S O A W         10 green bottles standing (or sitting) on a wall

Section  G

  1. NW the P it’s WO.                               Not worth the paper it’s written on
  2. L T P I a P                                           Like two peas in a pod
  3. T P is M T T S                                    The pen is mightier than the sword
  4. A S P in A R H                                    A square peg in a round hole
  5. To H A F in S P                                  To have a finger in several pies
  6. Y C H H a P D                                     You could have heard a pin drop  (March 14th was first  lockdown  Saturday with                                                               no football matches)
  7. P is N T of T L                                     Possession is nine tenths of the law
  8. As P A a D W T T                                As pleased as a dog with two tails
  9. To P T W O S E                                   To pull the wool over somebody’s ( or someone’s ) eyes
  10. O M M is A M P                                 One man’s  meat is another man’s poison