One Cranleigh FAQs

The One Cranleigh project is the catalyst to combine all the Faith groups, Charitable organisations, Parish Council, local businesses and the people of the village into a single action-group to provide homes for as many Ukrainian families as the funds raised will support. The more we raise, the more families we can help.

Why the Cranleigh Lions?

As a reputable and well-respected Charitable Organisation, the Cranleigh Lions have been helping local people in need since 1974, and though this is a different proposition for us, our members have overwhelmingly voted to initiate this Scheme.
Because of our charity status, Gift Aid will apply to direct debit donations, thereby increasing the value of those donations by 25%.

Why Direct Debit?

Direct debits can be processed through an automated system on our website, which calculates and claims the Gift Aid payment from the Government. One-off payments will be processed by credit/debit card.

Who is involved?

The Cranleigh and District Lions are fronting the Scheme, along with several other Charities and Faith Groups, collectively called ‘One Cranleigh’.

Government Help?

One Cranleigh will operate under the Government’s ‘Homes for Ukrainian Refugees’ Scheme which allows Charitable Organisations to offer homes in a similar way as individuals offering their private accommodation. Properties will be free to the Ukrainian refugees and funded by YOUR public donation. 

How Many Ukrainian refugees?

We don’t know yet, but Ukrainian families are already here in Cranleigh and needing help.

What is the Government offering?

The Government is offering a ‘thank you’ of £350 per month to each Sponsor household to help private homeowners with additional costs. ‘One Cranleigh’ may be able to claim this money and if so, will use it to pay energy and utility bills, so the home is free to the Ukrainian refugees.
There is no doubt that the refugees will have additional needs. These could be met through normal charity routes or from the ‘One Cranleigh’ fund.

What about refugee support while they are in Cranleigh?

In future we plan to develop a ‘One Cranleigh’ link so that not only Ukrainian refugees, but also those owners who have offered their homes, can access helpful information about supporting refugees during their stay. There are many useful Government web sites and both Waverley and Cranleigh Parish Councils have information links on their sites

What if some or all of the refugees go home?

Firstly, we will help them get back to Ukraine.
If refugees return home before the end of a rental period, we will offer the property to other refugees or to those refugees who could transfer from private homes. If the rental needs to be terminated we are sure that the local rental agents and landlords will do everything in their power to protect the donation fund.
Direct Debits will be cancelled before the 12 months, once we are sure the fund is no longer required. 

What happens to any donations left over after 12 months?

Any remaining funds after the end of the sponsorship period will be donated towards the support of Ukrainian refugees left in the village, for support to get back to Ukraine, or given to a recognised Ukrainian charity. 

Already involved, so far:

  • Faith Groups:
  • Cranleigh Baptist Church
  • St Nicolas Church
  • Cranleigh Catholic Church
  • Cranleigh Methodist Church
  • Charitable Groups:
  • Rotary
  • Lions
  • Masons
  • Community:
  • Parish Council
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Liz Townsend (Cranleigh/Waverley councillor)

Cranleigh’s motto is:
‘Cranleigh Habet Caritatem’ which means ‘Cranleigh Cares’.
Let’s live up to our moto.