Cranleigh Lions

Cranleigh & District Lions Club Classic Car Show
Sunday 11th August 2019

Club Pitches

Alfa Romeo Owner's Club - Surrey SectionD1
Aston Martin Owner's Club (AMOC)E2
Austin 7 Owner's Club (London) SussexA1
Blood Sweat And GearsB1
Boundless By CSMA, Classic Vehicle GroupC1
Box Hill Mini ClubD2
Brighton Mini ClubE3
Chichester MG Owner's ClubB2
Classic Car Luncheon ClubD3
Cobra Replica Club UKE4
Cranleigh Motor ClubA3
Daimler & Lanchester Owner's ClubB3
Dorking and District Motorcycle ClubC2
East Surrey MG Owner's ClubD4
Epsom Area MGOCD5
Essex E30 CollectiveE5
Fat BoyzA4
Ford Granada Mk1 & Mk2 Driver's GuildC3
Ford MK II Independent Owner's ClubD6
Ford T.E.C.A5
Ford Sidevalve Owner's ClubE6
Gay Classic Car ClubC4
Hampshire Capri ClubB5
Jaguar Drivers' Club Kent Area 4D7
Jensen Owner's Club (South Downs Area)E7
Karmann Ghia Owner's ClubA6
Kougar Ghia Owner's ClubB6
Lancia Motor ClubC5
London And Surrey Mini Owner's ClubD8
Marcos SEE8
Mk 3 Cortina Owners ClubA7
Morgan Sports Car ClubB7
MX5 Owner's ClubC6
Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts' ClubD9
Rootes GroupE9
Rusted NutsA8
Squadron Classic Car ClubD10
Stag Owners ClubE10
Surrey Classic Vehicle ClubB9
Surrey Hills Mini GroupC8
Surrey Mustang Owner's ClubD11
The 289 RegisterE11
The Ford Owner's ClubA10
The Imp ClubB10
The Mercedes-Benz ClubC9
TR Register - Thames Valley GroupD12
Triumph RegisterE12
Triumph Sports Six ClubC10
UK Cobra ClubE1
UK S2000 Owner's ClubD13
Volvo Owners ClubA11
West Sussex Mini Owners ClubE13

Zones will be clearly marked with a high level sign, individual club spots within the zone will be marked with our usual ground level signs. We will have marshals in each zone to help with directions.