Bonfire & Fireworks

Cranleigh’s annual bonfire & fireworks has continued uninterrupted by wind, rain, storm and flood for 72 years. Over this time it has not only provided the village with a magnificent spectacle and great night out, but has generated many thousands of pounds for the Lions charity.  Sadly in 2020, Covid 19  proved to be a hurdle that could not be overcome. Faced with the risk that Guy Fawkes would escape, the Bonfire Boys led by newest recruit Mick Hammond, ably assisted by the Cranleigh Lions bonfire team, ensured his capture.

The scene was set, Guy Fawkes was caught with his co-conspirators when they failed to obey the rule of 6, and brought to the place of execution on Cranleigh Common.

Cranleigh Lions & the Bonfire Boys played their part, Guy Fawkes was executed.

We hope to see you all again on the 6th  November 2021