Where the Money Goes

With your help, during the past two years from July 2020 to June 2022 Cranleigh Lions have provided financial support totalling some £80,000.

Raised from your generous Donations and from your support of local community events organised by Cranleigh Lions such as Eggstravaganza, The Carnival and Fun Dog Show, Classics on the Drive (in the absence of the Classic car Show) The Bonfire and Fireworks and the Christmas Hamper Collection and Santa Sleigh runs.


Welfare Donations to local Individuals and Families c£26,000
General Donations- to local Charities, community organisations etc c£16,000
Christmas Hamper Vouchers to local Individuals and Families c£15,000
Project Wenceslas- fuel support from your donated Winter Fuel Payments c£6,600
Lions National and International Projects and Disaster Appeals  c£7,000
Air Ambulance-Kent, Surrey and Sussex  c£3,500
Lions Bursary to local Clubs and Associations  c£4,000
Schools Welfare Funds for six local Schools  c£3,200